Road Map

No project is complete without a road map of features to be added and some sort of timetable for implementation. is free software, and is done in the spare and unpaid time of the developers. If you fee it is a worthwhile endeavour, please feel free to donate to support this project.

Below are a number of features we are working on.


This feature would allow a company, agency or user to embed a custom location snippet on their own web site. This would make it easier to have a single URL for departments or emergency response agencies who tend to have rescue and resources internal to their organization. This would also allow the tracking codes to be private. This feature is a high priority.


One of the main side projects to will be the ability to track a mobile phone over time.

The main use case for this feature is to show the location of a searcher or "convergent volunteer" during an actual search. Knowing the location of field teams is extrmely valuable, but location tracking equipment can be expensive. Tracking the location of volunteers makes their task safer, and allows SAR managers to make better decisions and know where their resources are.

This feature is also a high priority.

Sender Request ID

Currently a sender generates a request and sends it to a SMS or email address. If the request works, the sender recieves a location via email. However, there is no way to tell which request is being responded to. Adding a unique ID to a request would allow the sender to tell which request is being responded to.

Recipient Message

Currently the recipient of a location request opens the web page and sees that the page has determined a location (or not) and if the page has sucessfully submitted the data to the sender. This feature would add an option to allow the recipient to send a short text message with the location back to the sender.